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Adverse Effects of Social Media on our Lives


There is no doubt or debate about the utility of social media in our lives today and how it has transformed our lifestyles completely. However, the negative aspects attached to this change cannot be ignored. As much as there are positive aspects to the use of social media, so are the negative effects it incurs upon us.

Tumbledown Face to Face Communication

Social Media is a virtual community, therefore; it is not based on real or physical relationships. Thus with an increase in the popularity of this virtual world, real life relationships are suffering a lot. There is seldom a face to face conversation with strangers or neighbours instead people prefer to have a virtual relationship with others living afar. This has decreased the depth and worth of relationships.

Increases Distances among Close Relationships

Social media provides you with an opportunity to connect with people living on literally the opposite end of the earth; it, however, is taking us farther from our closest physical relationships. In waiting rooms, dining rooms, hotels, cinemas and other public places, people are busy with their phones, tablets and laptops using social media rather than having a conversation with those physically nearer to them.

Use by Fanatics; Mentally Distressed Persons

As social media is free for all and sundry, it is also a vulnerable platform to be used negatively. People who are mentally distressed, religious or political fanatics and others suffering from any mental disorder can use social media to harass people or to spread fear and terror among the public.

Deterioration of Language

Use of social media every day and rather, numerous times a day has led us to use shortcut phrases, slang words, Roman languages, etc. This is deteriorating the class, grammar, vocabulary and expressions of proper language.

Moral Downfall

With a rise in the use of social media, many social evils are emerging. People use social media to stalk others, harass others, send messages or comments to offend people and exploiting others privacy, etc. This is bringing a big downfall in the moral structure of our societies.

Insecurity of Information

Personal data is loaded on social media. This makes the information insecure or prone to attacks by hackers, stalkers and other such people who may derive the public information from profiles and use them in any wrong way.

Online Scams

With social media, it has become easier for scammers to attack people or to persuade them to share their valuable information that can be used to exploit them e.g. financial details and location details, etc.

Decreases Productivity

People are fond of using social media all day. Whether they are in offices, or colleges, homes or workplaces, they are usually logged into their social media profiles which reduce their productivity at work or home as they are preoccupied with social media sites.

There are many other cons to the use of social media. However, the positive impact it has brought to us cannot be ignored.

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