Kiev, Ukraine - October 17, 2012 - A logotype collection of well-known social media brand's printed on paper. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.


Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites


October 13, 2016

Social Media is a virtual community or network that lets people share information, news, pictures or any data free of cost on their profiles. This information can be viewed by the public or by chosen list of friends only, depending on the privacy settings set by the user on their posts. There are several social media sites available on the internet today. Most of them are free to use while few may ask for a fee from the user. The list of most popular social media sites according to the number of users on each is given below:

  1. Facebook: Facebook is the most popular social media site used by 1,650,000,000 users worldwide. It is widely used social networking site popular among businesses as well as individuals. It is available as an app on smartphones as well as on browsers.
  2. WhatsApp is an instant messaging or chatting social media site used on smartphones for messaging, chatting, photo and file sharing. It has 1,000,000,000 users around the world.
  3. Facebook Messenger:  It is a mutual project of Facebook with a messenger company which lets you chat or message, share file or photo with your Facebook friends out of Facebook. It has 900,000,000 users and is next to WhatsApp in popularity
  4. QQ: Tencent QQ also called QQ in short is a Chinese built instant messaging software service. It lets users play online social games, listen to music, watch movies, does shopping, microblogging and group or voice chats. It has around 853,000,000 users.
  5. WeChat: This Chinese messaging app has 706,000,000 users. The major features include text and voice messaging, broadcast messaging i.e. one user sending to many users, video conferencing. Also video games, photograph and video sharing and location sharing. Contacts can be exchanged via Bluetooth. It allows various filters and captions etc. for photos as well.
  6. QZone: This is also a Chinese social networking site popular among users. It has around 653,000,000 users who can share photographs, watch videos, listen to music, write blogs and keep diaries online.
  7. Tumblr: It has 555,000,000 users worldwide. Tumblr is a microblogging social media site which lets users post multimedia and other content in a short blog. Blogs can be shared, followed and viewed by others as well.
  8. Instagram: This photo-sharing social network site has 400,000,000 users. It is used as an app on mobile smartphones. This is mostly popular among the photography freaks. It allows photo editing, various filters and other interesting features to treat pictures and videos.
  9. Twitter: This unique social media site has 320,000,000 users. This is a message sharing social networking site which allows users to share short 140 characters only messages.
  10. Baidu Tieba: This Chinese social networking and communication platform has 300,000,000 users. Baidu Tieba is owned by Baidu, the largest Chinese Internet search engine. It is mostly popular in China and helps people search or create a bar by a keyword they are looking for.


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Influence of Social Media on Children and Adolescents


October 13, 2016

Social Media is the new way of learning, communication, expressing, sharing of information and networking. Many parents, however, may not feel the same. There might be some today who underestimate the power of social media or are unable to understand the avenues it opens their children to.  However, there are many parents who are educated or capable enough to understand the importance of social media in our lives today, its potential and possibilities. Both types of parents are of course concerned with the wellbeing of their children and their exposure to the world. If you are concerned the use of social media for your children or adolescents, you can weigh the pros and cons yourself.


Social media sites are not just a newly found trend that would wear out soon. It’s a way of life today which offers many benefits to our children and adolescents.

    • Children usually are not very good in communication, so using this platform may help them improve their confidence in communicating with people unknown or known out of their school environment.
    • Children and Adolescents may engage in social activities like fundraising for some charity, volunteering for localised events and other philanthropic activities.
    • Extend friendship with other children with same interests and find a sense of companionship with them in sharing their interests
    • Using social media may also help school going children to fulfil their school related tasks by gathering information from various communities, pages blogs, etc. real life experiences may serve as case studies for their studies, etc.
    • Blogs, podcasts, video games, etc. may open the minds of children to creative ideas. It can be exponential for their creative abilities as well as writing skills of children and adolescents if properly utilised.
    • Social media networking opens endless learning avenues. They can find profiles, pages of their interests and learn more about their passions
    • Adolescents also find an opportunity to assess their health problems anonymously on social media. This may free them from any mental stress or confusions about the physical and mental changing their growing age may be bringing upon them


  • Using social media may also improve the



Apart from the several positive aspects of using social media, there are some negative influences as well to which our adolescents and children are exposed.

  • Cyber Bullying, sexting and online harassment victims are usually teenagers and children. It results in psychosocial outcomes like anxiety, isolation, dishonour, depression and fear, etc.
  • Facebook depression is a term used by researchers today to refer to depression one gets oneself into when seeing peers indulged in interesting activities that they share on Facebook.
  • The online activity is stored online as a digital footprint. For adolescents, this could be harmful to their future careers.
  • Adolescents may not be the able judge what information to share and what not? This may raise privacy concerns for them on social media.
  • Social media may expose children to advertisements inappropriate to their age
  • Use of Social media has led to lesser engagement in physical activities by adolescents

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Influence of Social Media on Political Situations


October 13, 2016

Political communication is one of the major reasons for every downfall or uplift of a political party, a political event or any political figure. The modes of political communication used earlier included newspapers, televisions, radios, etc. But this is the age of the internet. Everything one does either on Google or YouTube. It is far easy to draw a positive image as well as a negative image of a political figure, party, movement or campaign through the internet today. Social Media, therefore, plays an important role in political communication. To keep your image positive in the minds of the masses using the internet, use of social media is enhanced.

Platform for Personal Level Communication

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. are few renowned social media sites that are majorly popular among masses. Political figures use these sites for broadcasting their point of views. Either it means a defensive comment or an argument, social media gives them a platform to communicate on personal level with the masses

Increased Accountability

The social media has increased the extent of accountability of political parties and figures to their voters. Any single person can easily question them, and millions may support that question.

Increased Accessibility

Political figures and parties are easily accessible now through social media. Any layman can simply search for them on social media sites and reach them virtually.

Enhanced Outreach of Political Campaigns

Social media has enhanced the outreach of campaign massively. Social media is used by millions all over the world. A political campaign run on social media will, therefore, be accessible internationally, and people relevant to the campaign have greater chances of finding of such campaigns

Free of Cost Advertising

Political parties have a platform for free advertising of their campaigns, motifs, events, etc. They can publish their videos on YouTube or share them on Facebook etc. and the content goes viral in hours or even minutes time without incurring any cost to the parties. This saves them a lot of money spent on advertising in newspapers or television or radios previously.


Social media can also be used for fundraising by the political figures or parties. Fundraising for an event or campaign or for the party itself has become much easier in a way through social media. The message of the party can be delivered to all relevant people on social media, and fundraising can be done through online transaction procedures from all over the world.

Power of Masses

Not only does the political figures and parties can benefit from social media, but masses too are at an advantage of changing a political decision by sharing their views on social media. A viral campaign by masses may compel the political parties to withdraw their decisions or amend them based on the public point of view.


The public can provide their feedback on various political decisions or events through social media. So the relevant parties may receive a quick and diverse feedback for their actions.

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Adverse Effects of Social Media on our Lives


October 13, 2016

There is no doubt or debate about the utility of social media in our lives today and how it has transformed our lifestyles completely. However, the negative aspects attached to this change cannot be ignored. As much as there are positive aspects to the use of social media, so are the negative effects it incurs upon us.

Tumbledown Face to Face Communication

Social Media is a virtual community, therefore; it is not based on real or physical relationships. Thus with an increase in the popularity of this virtual world, real life relationships are suffering a lot. There is seldom a face to face conversation with strangers or neighbours instead people prefer to have a virtual relationship with others living afar. This has decreased the depth and worth of relationships.

Increases Distances among Close Relationships

Social media provides you with an opportunity to connect with people living on literally the opposite end of the earth; it, however, is taking us farther from our closest physical relationships. In waiting rooms, dining rooms, hotels, cinemas and other public places, people are busy with their phones, tablets and laptops using social media rather than having a conversation with those physically nearer to them.

Use by Fanatics; Mentally Distressed Persons

As social media is free for all and sundry, it is also a vulnerable platform to be used negatively. People who are mentally distressed, religious or political fanatics and others suffering from any mental disorder can use social media to harass people or to spread fear and terror among the public.

Deterioration of Language

Use of social media every day and rather, numerous times a day has led us to use shortcut phrases, slang words, Roman languages, etc. This is deteriorating the class, grammar, vocabulary and expressions of proper language.

Moral Downfall

With a rise in the use of social media, many social evils are emerging. People use social media to stalk others, harass others, send messages or comments to offend people and exploiting others privacy, etc. This is bringing a big downfall in the moral structure of our societies.

Insecurity of Information

Personal data is loaded on social media. This makes the information insecure or prone to attacks by hackers, stalkers and other such people who may derive the public information from profiles and use them in any wrong way.

Online Scams

With social media, it has become easier for scammers to attack people or to persuade them to share their valuable information that can be used to exploit them e.g. financial details and location details, etc.

Decreases Productivity

People are fond of using social media all day. Whether they are in offices, or colleges, homes or workplaces, they are usually logged into their social media profiles which reduce their productivity at work or home as they are preoccupied with social media sites.

There are many other cons to the use of social media. However, the positive impact it has brought to us cannot be ignored.

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Social Media and Business Potential


October 13, 2016

As the world is progressing towards high-grade technology, various advancements are taking place. An astronomical increase in the population of social media users has been observed since last five years. There are over three billion users of the internet today.

Everyone in the world has access to social media. About two billion people are active social media users. And it’s in the way of continuing pace.

Different companies have accomplished their goals through social media. They gained immensely in their businesses as this platform provided them with the best of opportunities. Various small businesses and newbie businesses have started and established themselves through social media.

Social media has impacted business positively in many ways. It increased annual sale proportions, helped the businesses in grabbing customer attention, marketed at up to the mark level. Thus social media boosted the business on a larger scale and in low investments.

Social media grants the businesses with real modules they need for expansion. Here let’s discuss some of the advantages; businesses gain by this platform.

  • Acknowledgement of relevant customer data.
  • Spreading brand awareness and loyalty
  • Play ads to target customers with effective results
  • Achieving high revenues
  • Increase in website traffic and rankings
  • High-quality employee recruitments
  • Evaluation of competitor strategies
  • Socialising customer services
  • Market analysis
  • Updating and sharing content fast
  • Building of and maintenance of relationships
  • Tracking own performances.
  • Promotional and marketing services
  • Achievement of Customer satisfaction


Social media aids in communication among business, their stakeholders and customers. It serves as a privilege for the businesses regarding their processes as it supports their objectives.

Social media impact the businesses as it helps them in retaining the customers. Customer retention is achieved by positive mouths sources and interconnectivity of customers. Customer loyalty also gets generated through this way.

Customer relationship management also gets strengthened through social media as it helps the owners in the fast engagement of responses and building a healthy relationship with customers.

This platform provides with most effective marketing tools to know about the target audiences, current market opportunities, type of advertising strategies needed.

The customer profile can be very well understood through social media. Millions of people post daily on facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. So tastes and preferences of customers can be identified. Consumer behaviour can be well anticipated.

Product marketing can be directly achieved. Further companies and businesses can control the costs of their business necessary functional and maintenance tasks through reliance on low-cost social media channels instead of high-cost TV commercials.

Sales could be increased by applying certain features along with campaigns as to rate it, be a fan or email a friend. So it drastically elevates the sale levels.

Hence social media has been and is continuingly influencing businesses in positive ways. People are astoundingly joining the social media for their business campaigns. It’s necessary for the survival of businesses on social media to incorporate appropriate social media strategies to gain an edge over the competitors.



Social media and other media comparisons

Media is considered as a platform or group which functions to communicate. Communicate regarding information, news, or any other aspect; communicator wants to. There are three types of media.

  • Print media
  • Broadcast media
  • Internet

Print media is the oldest form of media who has been communication in printed forms like newspapers, magazines, journals and newsletters, etc. print media is on its decline with the advent of social media. But still, so many people consider themselves politically active by reading the newspaper. So it stills plays a significant role. It displays vast information compared to other medias as broadcast media merely state follow up stories about news whereas they are detailed in newspapers.

Broadcast media are communicating through broadcasting through radio and TV channels. Through radio, they have been listening to the news, various talk shows, weather events, and comedies. Before invention Of TV, people use to rely on the radio. Still, some people listen to radio. TV broadcasts all similar things along with pictures and videos so it became a source of entertainment as well.

The Internet is the most advanced form of media. It has transformed the whole way of media. It has invented the interactive approach as customers can tailor their favourite interests.

The internet facilitates the term social media with which everyone is familiar these days. It has gained popularity and is adopted by most of the people because of advantages it offers over other media types.

In the world, there are now above 3 billion users of the internet, and similarly, above two billion of people have active social media accounts. It surpassed another sort of media because:

  • Social media encourages both two ways communications that are synchronised and asynchronous communications.
  • Social media is highly interactive media.
  • It assists the followers to personalise their priorities regarding information and news.
  • It has no bound on to be fixed on limited stuff. You can connect to other people, can watch favourite shows on youtube. You can read your favourite book and can watch a movie. You can search for delicious recipes or can watch cartoons and animated movies.
  • Similarly, it allows you check in and out of places and check the status of you fellows. Furthermore, you can shop for home and can order your food by lying on your bed.


Thus in short through social media you can search for what you want, can communicate easily. People thousands of miles away can appear just in front of you through various services as Skype, Hangouts, etc. It helps you create your arts and works like blogs or graphics etc. It helps you to expand your businesses and do marketing. It’s more entertaining, and teaching and learning are more significant in it then compared to any other media services.

All these privileges accelerated the rate of social media followers compared to other media types. It is less costly and is available and in hand anywhere.


Businesses based on social media

The interactivity of social media is flourishing different business’s reliance on it.  It encourages active participation of customer’s views and ratings. So, it serves as an excellent and impeccable platform for successful business. Various businesses have established themselves through social media. It also helps in connecting to millions of people and making the business popular among them.

Every year there is 25% increase in social media users. This drift is moving tremendously in an upward direction. Currently, there are more than two billion of active social media accounts worldwide. By sudden business expansion, nine companies of United States are actively using these social media networks out of total ten companies. 80% of the businesses have assigned a specific team to keep updating business on their social networks.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, up work, Freelancer, Linkedin, Gust, Gadball, Meetup, Opportunity, perfect business. Networking for professionals, Partner up, plaxo, Talkbiz now, Affluence, Beyond, Black Business Women Online, connect, E. factor, Do My stuff, Doostang, Konnects, Pair up, Spoke, Ryze,  Fastpitch are also some the social media streams. Perfect business, Ryze, Quibb, Upspring, Startup Nation, Xing, Viade, Quora and so on and the list goes on and on.

Different social media networks are promoting different businesses. It impacts businesses fruitfully in all aspects as in customer relationship management, increasing sales proportion, employee recruitment, getting familiar with consumers profile, identifying marketing niches, appropriate marketing strategies and customer retention. Further, it assists in popularising the business and evaluation of competitor strategies. It also helps to identify the own current position in the market industry and helps to gain customer feedback. It empowers us with advanced marketing tools to establish ourselves well in ongoing business and how to get firm and consistent in gaining revenues with it.

Professionals, bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and different business owners are joining various social media networks to get their works done and to learn and vast their experiences.

Different businesses are well established on social media and are seeking excellence as related to fields like:

  • Clothing
  • Household items
  • Décor and Interior
  • Electronics
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Business and financial operations
  • Health care services
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Social services
  • Construction and building
  • Graphics and Designs
  • IT and networking
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Writings
  • Web development


These were some of the businesses mentioned above; otherwise, the list goes on…

All these areas and different other field’s businesses are gaining success through social media networks. Small businesses incorporate social media marketing to reach to the large mass of customers. It involves social sharing of images, content and videos related to marketing services of that particular business. These sites help businesses in advancing their carriers and act as a cornerstone for companies in recruitment practices and exploration of contacts.

Social media networks have become a standard among businesses and different companies around the world.  In short, these networks have influenced the ways, how business owners were interacting with the customers and even taught them a new way of business.



5 post popular social media

Social media is the platform for connecting people and disseminating information. Various social networks have been developed. There are over 2 billion users having active social media accounts. And it’s continuously accelerating in gaining high percentage. With every passing year, there is 25 % increase in social media users.

Social media is gaining popularity with each passing hour; the reason is it promotes communication, shrinking the distance between two people sitting on the opposite poles of the earth. The social media sites are made interactive to help people in sharing their thoughts. People have established businesses on social media and are expanding and flourishing by leaps and bounds. In so many aspects, they are playing their role in gaining more and more attention from the world’s population. People are learning and even teaching through these social media networks.

Different social networks have gained popularity, and millions of users are subscribed to them. But the most popular ones are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin
  5. Pinterest

Facebook is the most popular network among all social media networks. Around the globe, regarding recognition and number of users, it is leading all other networks. According to latest research it has over 1.5 billion users. It is a wonderful and great medium to connect the people around the world.

Youtube it is another superb medium. It allows the users to share and watch videos and vlogs to movies from around all corners of the world. It has more than 1 billion users. It has been the second largest search engine after Google. Although it is the subsidy of Google, its popularity has granted it with a standalone name.

Twitter is again a social network that empowers you to share almost anything. In it, people share tweets which are short texted and can accompany photos, videos or links, etc. This social media is renowned for quickly spreading the word. All the news breaks first on the Twitter.

Linkedin is the largest professional network. It helps people to connect and excel in their ambitions. It enables the members to share their detailed resumes along with work experiences, certifications and awards.  It started in 2002 and now has over 500 million members from across 200 countries.

Pinterest is a very visually oriented social network. It has digital bulletin boards in the form of pins. Users can save them and display their contents in them. Pinterest members’ count is also near to hit 500 billion. The primary users of Pinterest are women as its popular categories are like food recipes, fashion, fitness and exercise, DIY projects, photography and beauty.

All the social networking sites have their benefits and uses. Top five are mentioned here, which have the largest number of users. Still, there are thousands and thousands of more networking sites like Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit, Snapchat, WhatsApp,chora, Viber, Periscope and so on which are playing their part in minimising the distances and bringing people closer to each other.

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The Secrets Of Fabricating Great Online Hum Tv Dramas


February 27, 2016

The Internet is actually a spot where business is always booming, why you ought to be using it to market your company and that’s. Utilizing films is an efficient strategy to broaden the reach out and attract new clients.

Most users that are online have notoriously brief covers of awareness; they would like to have the data they seek rapidly or instantly. Contemplate breaking it into several smaller movies that individuals can observe in portions if the movie needs to be longer.

Movie advertising gives a good way to become more particular with your market to you.

Production-value isn’t the most important element of your procedure. High production prices don’t automatically turn to great returns back in your investment. Several of the most basic movie marketing have been done by ordinary workers.

In creating your content an effective approach is working with others. You should use household, buddies or users of one’s preferred corporations in your videos, family members or other associates are properly-suitable for the task.

You’ll need top-quality a pakistani dramas that is successful to be made by production values. The gear that is top is n’t always needed by you as what-you’re using does a career that is reasonable as long. You don’t require elegant texts or be too comfortable. Just be yourself and speak right to the camera. You might not should do also that much. You’re able to just use images or PowerPoint in the movie.

Supply prospective customers a view of your organization through using advertising that is movie. Exhibit some amusing items that continue in your workplace or how your products are created. People will definitely enjoy since your business has a more particular aspect to the company you operate.

You have to figure out if your video is seeing the outcomes you desire. You may often use your own view. Look like your video has been watched by how many people at things, and see which ones have more and try to figure out why.

A tripod can be a very useful tool. Loose cameras are only for so on and fear films. For the advertising videos, you must likely stay with a regular opportunity that’s smooth panning when it needs to go.

Your films should be brief and concise. Internet viewers often have a smaller attention span. Try and retain a video if you prefer visitors to start surfing for another movie. Your plan will not be successful if you’re not able to retain your viewers interested even if your content is remarkable.

Allow folks understand to obtaining in a hurry that they are able to get. Create guidelines brief and basic in order to avoid confusion. The easiest way to get rid of every video is with a powerful meaning by what activity they should consider.

Do you keep getting the same concerns about your items repeatedly again? You can then answer concerns that are selected. A brief movie displaying a certain process or explaining how your readers can be made by the product functions experience in what you are selling them well informed.

Start off your hum tv dramas using a custom to generate your customers feel more comfortable. Tell people about and what your organization does.

Don’t allow a failed movie advertising of you to give up. Ask your market feedback as a means to improve the videos.Videos will definitely get better after you find out more about editing.

Voice overs can be ideal for timid people. You might have been procrastinating about producing your first video but are not certain since being about the screen enables you to uneasy. You’ll be able to would like to demonstrate your goods and use over a voice. Just report that which you need to say then enjoy it over the movie.

Should you speak a terminology that is different than your customer-base, invest in the skills of a skilled translator. Do not use translators that are online if your market is from the distinct culture and echoes another language. You will gain more value when you can be understood by people.

There is of using video advertising a good method as a means to to communicate directly with your customers directly. Produce films that remedy their questions or problems. This provides your web visitors feel like they’re doing a talk with you and will retain them employed.

Don’t reveal movies on YouTube.While facebook is actually a need, additionally you have to learn where your customers get and article there as well.Ask individuals to fill surveys to find out which movie sites are their favorites out.

Watch the films of other companies before you make your following movie. Uncover what you want like a buyer.Ask people close to you to try to try this also. Make use of this form of information to help make a fruitful movie.

Since you have see the above bit, you can easily see why movie advertising is not indeed unhelpful. If you are using video advertising, you’ll be able to broaden your organization around the world. You need to use the assistance below to return up with a marketing program that is movie that is effective.

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