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Influence of Social Media on Political Situations


Political communication is one of the major reasons for every downfall or uplift of a political party, a political event or any political figure. The modes of political communication used earlier included newspapers, televisions, radios, etc. But this is the age of the internet. Everything one does either on Google or YouTube. It is far easy to draw a positive image as well as a negative image of a political figure, party, movement or campaign through the internet today. Social Media, therefore, plays an important role in political communication. To keep your image positive in the minds of the masses using the internet, use of social media is enhanced.

Platform for Personal Level Communication

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. are few renowned social media sites that are majorly popular among masses. Political figures use these sites for broadcasting their point of views. Either it means a defensive comment or an argument, social media gives them a platform to communicate on personal level with the masses

Increased Accountability

The social media has increased the extent of accountability of political parties and figures to their voters. Any single person can easily question them, and millions may support that question.

Increased Accessibility

Political figures and parties are easily accessible now through social media. Any layman can simply search for them on social media sites and reach them virtually.

Enhanced Outreach of Political Campaigns

Social media has enhanced the outreach of campaign massively. Social media is used by millions all over the world. A political campaign run on social media will, therefore, be accessible internationally, and people relevant to the campaign have greater chances of finding of such campaigns

Free of Cost Advertising

Political parties have a platform for free advertising of their campaigns, motifs, events, etc. They can publish their videos on YouTube or share them on Facebook etc. and the content goes viral in hours or even minutes time without incurring any cost to the parties. This saves them a lot of money spent on advertising in newspapers or television or radios previously.


Social media can also be used for fundraising by the political figures or parties. Fundraising for an event or campaign or for the party itself has become much easier in a way through social media. The message of the party can be delivered to all relevant people on social media, and fundraising can be done through online transaction procedures from all over the world.

Power of Masses

Not only does the political figures and parties can benefit from social media, but masses too are at an advantage of changing a political decision by sharing their views on social media. A viral campaign by masses may compel the political parties to withdraw their decisions or amend them based on the public point of view.


The public can provide their feedback on various political decisions or events through social media. So the relevant parties may receive a quick and diverse feedback for their actions.

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