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Social Media and Business Potential


As the world is progressing towards high-grade technology, various advancements are taking place. An astronomical increase in the population of social media users has been observed since last five years. There are over three billion users of the internet today.

Everyone in the world has access to social media. About two billion people are active social media users. And it’s in the way of continuing pace.

Different companies have accomplished their goals through social media. They gained immensely in their businesses as this platform provided them with the best of opportunities. Various small businesses and newbie businesses have started and established themselves through social media.

Social media has impacted business positively in many ways. It increased annual sale proportions, helped the businesses in grabbing customer attention, marketed at up to the mark level. Thus social media boosted the business on a larger scale and in low investments.

Social media grants the businesses with real modules they need for expansion. Here let’s discuss some of the advantages; businesses gain by this platform.

  • Acknowledgement of relevant customer data.
  • Spreading brand awareness and loyalty
  • Play ads to target customers with effective results
  • Achieving high revenues
  • Increase in website traffic and rankings
  • High-quality employee recruitments
  • Evaluation of competitor strategies
  • Socialising customer services
  • Market analysis
  • Updating and sharing content fast
  • Building of and maintenance of relationships
  • Tracking own performances.
  • Promotional and marketing services
  • Achievement of Customer satisfaction


Social media aids in communication among business, their stakeholders and customers. It serves as a privilege for the businesses regarding their processes as it supports their objectives.

Social media impact the businesses as it helps them in retaining the customers. Customer retention is achieved by positive mouths sources and interconnectivity of customers. Customer loyalty also gets generated through this way.

Customer relationship management also gets strengthened through social media as it helps the owners in the fast engagement of responses and building a healthy relationship with customers.

This platform provides with most effective marketing tools to know about the target audiences, current market opportunities, type of advertising strategies needed.

The customer profile can be very well understood through social media. Millions of people post daily on facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. So tastes and preferences of customers can be identified. Consumer behaviour can be well anticipated.

Product marketing can be directly achieved. Further companies and businesses can control the costs of their business necessary functional and maintenance tasks through reliance on low-cost social media channels instead of high-cost TV commercials.

Sales could be increased by applying certain features along with campaigns as to rate it, be a fan or email a friend. So it drastically elevates the sale levels.

Hence social media has been and is continuingly influencing businesses in positive ways. People are astoundingly joining the social media for their business campaigns. It’s necessary for the survival of businesses on social media to incorporate appropriate social media strategies to gain an edge over the competitors.



Social media and other media comparisons

Media is considered as a platform or group which functions to communicate. Communicate regarding information, news, or any other aspect; communicator wants to. There are three types of media.

  • Print media
  • Broadcast media
  • Internet

Print media is the oldest form of media who has been communication in printed forms like newspapers, magazines, journals and newsletters, etc. print media is on its decline with the advent of social media. But still, so many people consider themselves politically active by reading the newspaper. So it stills plays a significant role. It displays vast information compared to other medias as broadcast media merely state follow up stories about news whereas they are detailed in newspapers.

Broadcast media are communicating through broadcasting through radio and TV channels. Through radio, they have been listening to the news, various talk shows, weather events, and comedies. Before invention Of TV, people use to rely on the radio. Still, some people listen to radio. TV broadcasts all similar things along with pictures and videos so it became a source of entertainment as well.

The Internet is the most advanced form of media. It has transformed the whole way of media. It has invented the interactive approach as customers can tailor their favourite interests.

The internet facilitates the term social media with which everyone is familiar these days. It has gained popularity and is adopted by most of the people because of advantages it offers over other media types.

In the world, there are now above 3 billion users of the internet, and similarly, above two billion of people have active social media accounts. It surpassed another sort of media because:

  • Social media encourages both two ways communications that are synchronised and asynchronous communications.
  • Social media is highly interactive media.
  • It assists the followers to personalise their priorities regarding information and news.
  • It has no bound on to be fixed on limited stuff. You can connect to other people, can watch favourite shows on youtube. You can read your favourite book and can watch a movie. You can search for delicious recipes or can watch cartoons and animated movies.
  • Similarly, it allows you check in and out of places and check the status of you fellows. Furthermore, you can shop for home and can order your food by lying on your bed.


Thus in short through social media you can search for what you want, can communicate easily. People thousands of miles away can appear just in front of you through various services as Skype, Hangouts, etc. It helps you create your arts and works like blogs or graphics etc. It helps you to expand your businesses and do marketing. It’s more entertaining, and teaching and learning are more significant in it then compared to any other media services.

All these privileges accelerated the rate of social media followers compared to other media types. It is less costly and is available and in hand anywhere.


Businesses based on social media

The interactivity of social media is flourishing different business’s reliance on it.  It encourages active participation of customer’s views and ratings. So, it serves as an excellent and impeccable platform for successful business. Various businesses have established themselves through social media. It also helps in connecting to millions of people and making the business popular among them.

Every year there is 25% increase in social media users. This drift is moving tremendously in an upward direction. Currently, there are more than two billion of active social media accounts worldwide. By sudden business expansion, nine companies of United States are actively using these social media networks out of total ten companies. 80% of the businesses have assigned a specific team to keep updating business on their social networks.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, up work, Freelancer, Linkedin, Gust, Gadball, Meetup, Opportunity, perfect business. Networking for professionals, Partner up, plaxo, Talkbiz now, Affluence, Beyond, Black Business Women Online, connect, E. factor, Do My stuff, Doostang, Konnects, Pair up, Spoke, Ryze,  Fastpitch are also some the social media streams. Perfect business, Ryze, Quibb, Upspring, Startup Nation, Xing, Viade, Quora and so on and the list goes on and on.

Different social media networks are promoting different businesses. It impacts businesses fruitfully in all aspects as in customer relationship management, increasing sales proportion, employee recruitment, getting familiar with consumers profile, identifying marketing niches, appropriate marketing strategies and customer retention. Further, it assists in popularising the business and evaluation of competitor strategies. It also helps to identify the own current position in the market industry and helps to gain customer feedback. It empowers us with advanced marketing tools to establish ourselves well in ongoing business and how to get firm and consistent in gaining revenues with it.

Professionals, bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and different business owners are joining various social media networks to get their works done and to learn and vast their experiences.

Different businesses are well established on social media and are seeking excellence as related to fields like:

  • Clothing
  • Household items
  • Décor and Interior
  • Electronics
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Business and financial operations
  • Health care services
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Social services
  • Construction and building
  • Graphics and Designs
  • IT and networking
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Writings
  • Web development


These were some of the businesses mentioned above; otherwise, the list goes on…

All these areas and different other field’s businesses are gaining success through social media networks. Small businesses incorporate social media marketing to reach to the large mass of customers. It involves social sharing of images, content and videos related to marketing services of that particular business. These sites help businesses in advancing their carriers and act as a cornerstone for companies in recruitment practices and exploration of contacts.

Social media networks have become a standard among businesses and different companies around the world.  In short, these networks have influenced the ways, how business owners were interacting with the customers and even taught them a new way of business.



5 post popular social media

Social media is the platform for connecting people and disseminating information. Various social networks have been developed. There are over 2 billion users having active social media accounts. And it’s continuously accelerating in gaining high percentage. With every passing year, there is 25 % increase in social media users.

Social media is gaining popularity with each passing hour; the reason is it promotes communication, shrinking the distance between two people sitting on the opposite poles of the earth. The social media sites are made interactive to help people in sharing their thoughts. People have established businesses on social media and are expanding and flourishing by leaps and bounds. In so many aspects, they are playing their role in gaining more and more attention from the world’s population. People are learning and even teaching through these social media networks.

Different social networks have gained popularity, and millions of users are subscribed to them. But the most popular ones are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin
  5. Pinterest

Facebook is the most popular network among all social media networks. Around the globe, regarding recognition and number of users, it is leading all other networks. According to latest research it has over 1.5 billion users. It is a wonderful and great medium to connect the people around the world.

Youtube it is another superb medium. It allows the users to share and watch videos and vlogs to movies from around all corners of the world. It has more than 1 billion users. It has been the second largest search engine after Google. Although it is the subsidy of Google, its popularity has granted it with a standalone name.

Twitter is again a social network that empowers you to share almost anything. In it, people share tweets which are short texted and can accompany photos, videos or links, etc. This social media is renowned for quickly spreading the word. All the news breaks first on the Twitter.

Linkedin is the largest professional network. It helps people to connect and excel in their ambitions. It enables the members to share their detailed resumes along with work experiences, certifications and awards.  It started in 2002 and now has over 500 million members from across 200 countries.

Pinterest is a very visually oriented social network. It has digital bulletin boards in the form of pins. Users can save them and display their contents in them. Pinterest members’ count is also near to hit 500 billion. The primary users of Pinterest are women as its popular categories are like food recipes, fashion, fitness and exercise, DIY projects, photography and beauty.

All the social networking sites have their benefits and uses. Top five are mentioned here, which have the largest number of users. Still, there are thousands and thousands of more networking sites like Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit, Snapchat, WhatsApp,chora, Viber, Periscope and so on which are playing their part in minimising the distances and bringing people closer to each other.

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